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Effective and Safe Immunotherapy

We are living in a age that will see the development of the fourth modality of standard care for cancer patients:

Cancer Immunotherapy

There are many approaches to cancer immunotherapy in testing throughout the world today. There have been many notable failures and a few successes that have led to FDA approval and commercialization of immunotherapies that offer people the kind of hope that has never been possible for some patients. Whatever the track each company takes in order to fight cancer with immunotherapy, the one settled question is whether or not the immune system can manipulated to recognize and destroy cancer cells. It can and does for patients every day around the world.

The therapies that will be brought to market through Perseus Holdings USA companies use autologous tumor and blood to create a vaccine that can be administered in the metastatic and, more importantly:

Because of a very attractive safety profile, these therapies can be safely given in the adjuvant setting.

The key factors of the Perseus vaccine platform are that it creates a specific immune response to fight the particular antigenic profile of each patient’s disease and that the response, because it is delivered at the cellular level is non-toxic. This attractive safety profile provides unusual flexibility when introducing the therapy into a patient’s treatment protocol. Because it uses the antigenic profile of each patient’s disease, it also can be created for any tumor and any patient.

The Perseus Vaccine Platform is currently in use in two ways

Elios TherapeuticsElios is a Texas entity with the sole purpose of sponsoring the phase II(b) melanoma study being lead by John Wayne Cancer Institute and conducted by top melanoma centers around the country.
This is a prospective, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled adjuvant trial to prevent recurrence in 120 stage III or IV (resected) melanoma patients.
IND #16101
NCT# 02301611

Perseus PCIPerseus PCI, Limited operates an FDA recognized Non-IND Foreign Trial Site in Grand Cayman (21CFR312.120 Compliant)
All patient data generated in the site acceptable by FDA for IND submissions.
Learn about the Cayman clinical trial and treatment center process