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Perseus Holdings USA , LLC Leadership

BuddyLongChief Executive Officer
Buddy Long
BA: Winthrop University
US Marine Corps, Infantry Officer

GeorgePeoplesChief Medical Officer
George Peoples, MD, FACS
BS: United States Military Academy – West Point
MD: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Residency: Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital Fellowship: MD Anderson Cancer Center

TomWagnerChief Scientific Officer, Inventor
Tom Wagner, PhD
BA: Princeton University
PhD: Northwestern University


Perseus Holdings Investor Information

Our method of bringing therapies to market is through early stage phase I and IIa trials at our offshore trial and treatment center in the Cayman Islands, that provides the data needed for more advanced trials through the US FDA.

The Perseus Holdings USA family of companies is in the forefront of the effort to bring effective and safe immunotherapeutics to patients.

Autologous dendritic – Autologous tumor – haven’t we already seen this movie?

There have been companies that have tried autologous vaccines in the past and have met with marginal success at best. The failures are around a few key characteristics:
Complicated Production Processes
Lack of Scalability based on personalized nature
Lack of success in the metastatic setting